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Made in Italy with Italian Wood



For Various


The wood is Buxus sempervirens.

It is a slow growth tree and this gives the wood a remarkable hardness (possibly the hardest in Europe) and heaviness. It is free of grain produced by growth rings, making it ideal for cabinet-making, the crafting of clarinets, engraving, marquetry, woodturning, tool handles, mallet heads and as a substitute for ivory. Dark spots are natural shades for this kind of wood.

It is playful and fanciful because of the peculiar shape.

It is 20 cm length, from 3.5 to 4.5 large, the weight is about 250 gr. To reach this size the tree has grown for about 80 years, this gives the object an inestimable value.



Tu non sai:

ci sono betulle che di notte

levano le loro radici,

e tu non crederesti mai

che di notte gli alberi camminano

o diventano sogni.

Pensa che in un albero c'รจ un

violino d'amore.

(Alda Merini)

The wood retains it's natural properties over the passage of time. As there are no chemicals used in the production of our dildos, the surfaces are completely hypoallergenic and will retain the natural feel of wood. Only sunflower oil and beeswax are employed to give a smooth glassy finish, which can be washed with soap and warm water.

Each dildo is completely unique and entirely made by hand. Any imperfections are down to the natural grain in the wood itself.