Donna Filomena's

Dildo Italiano

Made in Italy with Italian Wood


Donna Filomena's

For Hind Woman


The wood is Ulmus Glabra (Olmo Montano).

The mountain elm can be up to 25 meters tall straight trunk .

Branches can from the trunk short height .

The bark is smooth when young , then become scaly.

The flowers appear after the leaves towards March or April and are hermaphrodites compounds 5-6 stamens in color between pink and purple .

The color of the inside of the trunk is very dark and very hard texture , used for various purposes .


The size is on common average. 24.5 cm length, about 4-5.5 cm diameter, 330 gr weight.




Io sono

il mazzo di chiavi


un paio di lenti a contatto

sono l'ombrello che ti ripara dal maltempo


l'accendino per accenderti le notti

della vite sono il marito

il sicuro sostegno

il tacito consenso

io sono tutto quello che hai sempre voluto




( Vincenzo Capitanucci)

The wood retains it's natural properties over the passage of time. As there are no chemicals used in the production of our dildos, the surfaces are completely hypoallergenic and will retain the natural feel of wood. Only sunflower oil and beeswax are employed to give a smooth glassy finish, which can be washed with soap and warm water.

Each dildo is completely unique and entirely made by hand. Any imperfections are down to the natural grain in the wood itself.