Dildo Italiano

Made in Italy with Italian Wood



The wood is Phillyrea latifolia (Lillatro).

It is a shrub of the Oleaceae family, typical of the Mediterranean area.

Its flowers are dioecies, having male and female on different plants, white and in bunches.

The wood is smooth with light pink shades and marked grains.

The size is on common average. 18 cm length, about 3.5 cm diameter, 220 gr weight.




Sempre fermi, sempre ritti,

sempre zitti,

come impavidi soldati,

stanno i buoni alberi, armati

sol di foglie e fiori e frutti,

di cui fanno dono a tutti.

Tutto danno quel che hanno

e per se tengono solo

un gorgheggio d'usignolo

un fischietto di fringuello

un sussurro di ruscello.

(D. Valeri)

The wood retains it's natural properties over the passage of time. As there are no chemicals used in the production of our dildos, the surfaces are completely hypoallergenic and will retain the natural feel of wood. Only sunflower oil and beeswax are employed to give a smooth glassy finish, which can be washed with soap and warm water.

Each dildo is completely unique and entirely made by hand. Any imperfections are down to the natural grain in the wood itself.